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jimmy kimmel monologue

Kimmel: Republicans Debate in Miami, Ivanka Testifies in Daddy Donald’s Fraud Case & Rough Election for GOP

The CMA Awards were on ABC tonight hosted by Peyton Manning & Luke Bryan, the Republican debate took place in Miami and Donald was absent once again, Ivanka took the stand in the $250 million fraud case against her father, it was not a very good election night for the MAGA-verse, voters in Ohio overwhelmingly passed a measure to protect a woman’s right to choose, we discovered that Mike Lindell makes unusual sounds when he’s making a point, the mayor in Saskatchewan Canada has an interesting name, a pre-owned vehicle in New Jersey had an unfortunate encounter with the local wildlife, and country star Jelly Roll has a great new holiday gift idea for you!

Former Trump CFO takes stand in civil fraud case

Former Trump CFO Takes the Stand in Fraud Case

New York Attorney General Letitia James’ fraud lawsuit alleges Allen Weisselberg engineered Trump‘s financial statements to meet his demands that they show increases in his net worth despite appraisals that showed the opposite. CBS New York’s Chris Wragge reports.

civil business fraud case against trump is a hoax

Daily Fact-Check: Civil Business Trump Fraud Case Not a Hoax

Former President Donald Trump cited an article in the New York Law Journal as evidence that a civil business fraud case against him is a “hoax.” The author of the article argued that dissolution of Trump’s LLCs is not a remedy included in the law, but he also wrote that “the judge was 100% right in holding that the Trump actions were fraudulent” and that Trump ought to face penalties.