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authoritarian playbook

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The Dark Echoes of Hitler’s Political Philosophy: Popularity Before Politics

Explore the dark echoes of Hitler’s political philosophy on the importance of popularity before politics and its potential relevance in today’s America. This article delves into the rise of populist leaders, the influence of media and social media, and the dynamics of celebrity politics, urging caution in drawing parallels while emphasizing the critical need for ethical leadership in the contemporary political landscape.

Unmasking Putin’s Playbook: The Anti-LGBTQ+ Movement and the Stripping of Russian Rights

As Russia grapples with an alarming decline in civil liberties, a closer look reveals the pivotal role played by the anti-LGBTQ+ movement in President Putin’s calculated strategy. Exploiting existing divisions, fostering discrimination, and fueling fear, Putin’s regime has successfully curtailed rights and consolidated power. It is time to shed light on this sinister agenda and stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community in Russia.