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First over-the-counter birth control pill to hit U.S. stores in 2024

The push to make an oral contraceptive available without a prescription predates Biden’s presidency. But the issue took on fresh urgency when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, particularly as conservatives openly questioned the legal precedent establishing the right to privacy for birth control access. Within weeks of the ruling, a contraceptive maker, which had spent more than six years studying consumers’ ability to use the product correctly without a doctor’s supervision, applied to the FDA for over-the-counter approval.

Trump and Biden Square Off at the Mexico Border, Don Jr’s Most Preposterous Lie Yet & Gimme Five!

Trump and Biden Square Off at the Mexico Border, Don Jr’s Most Preposterous Lie Yet & Gimme Five!

Two different people are claiming to be chairs of the Michigan Republican Party, Biden and Trump are both scheduled to visit the border in Texas on Thursday, Donny is taking every chance he gets to beat the drum about not having enough water in our faucets and washing machines, a team wearing hazmat suits was dispatched to Donald Jr’s house because he got a letter in the mail that contained an “unidentified” white powder and we play America’s favorite game, Gimme Five!

biden's infrastructure accomplishments

Infrastructure Law Transforms American Airports with $25 Billion Investment | #BidenDidThat

Explore the transformative impact of Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s investment into America’s airports, including groundbreaking funding for major terminals. Discover how the Biden-Harris Administration is reshaping America’s air travel landscape, with the Airport Terminal Program and 70 projects in construction. From safety enhancements to economic growth, witness the comprehensive efforts underway to modernize and revitalize airport infrastructure nationwide.

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Cracking down on cyberattacks

During Biden’s first six months in office, government agencies and critical companies were beset by cyberattacks. These incidents included the SolarWinds hack, which involved Russian government hackers infiltrating around a dozen agencies for at least a year. Ransomware attacks were also a major source of concern, with the administration forced to reckon with Colonial Pipeline, the source of almost half of the East Coast’s fuel supply, shutting down operations in May 2021. In the years since, cybersecurity concerns have only increased, including a Chinese-linked breach last year that impacted email accounts at the Commerce and State departments, skyrocketing new vulnerabilities opened up by the use of artificial intelligence technologies, and new geopolitical-linked targeting of critical systems.

Trump Confirms VP Shortlist, Biden’s Operation Crazy S**t is Underway & We Play On the Money!

Trump Confirms VP Shortlist, Biden’s Operation Crazy S**t is Underway & We Play On the Money!

Joe Biden arrived in Los Angeles to raise money for his campaign, Trump confirmed a list of names on his running mate short list and is busy zeroing in on issues that don’t exist, New York Attorney General Letitia James said that she might seize Trump Tower if he can’t come up with the money to pay his $355 million fine, Hunter Biden’s attorneys say that federal prosecutors mistakenly believed that they found a picture of cocaine that was actually just sawdust, and in celebration of all the POTUS talk this week – we play our very popular game “On The Money!”

Building armies of drones to counter China

Building armies of drones to counter China

Defense officials have for years talked about how drones will play a central role in future wars, but other than fiddling at the margins, little has been done to build a large, AI-enabled network of military uncrewed vehicles. The worry in Washington has been that Beijing is ahead of the United States in developing the military use of drones and its growing drone fleets could swarm and confuse the radars and air defenses of U.S. warships, and critical bases in Guam and Japan.

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Making airlines pay up when flights are delayed or canceled

Never mind luxury travel, now some airline passengers pay extra just for the basics. But getting your money back when a flight gets canceled or significantly delayed is one effort the Biden’s administration’s Transportation Department has tried to address as part of a new tough stance on the airline industry, especially after multiple instances of air travel gone awry.

Strengthening military ties to Asian allies

Strengthening military ties to Asian allies

Biden came into office with the goal of countering China by rebuilding military alliances with Asian allies. In late 2022, a top Pentagon official promised to accelerate that effort, vowing that “2023 is likely to stand as the most transformative year in U.S. force posture in the [Pacific] region in a generation.”

biden did that us oil production

The U.S. is producing more oil than anytime in history

Biden came into office after having promised to slash oil production on public land. Canceling the Keystone XL pipeline during his first week in office seemed to confirm the image of him as a president who would happily throttle the country’s oil industry while showering the renewable energy industry with government dollars. But things turned out a little differently.

Fixing bridges, building tunnels and expanding broadband

Fixing bridges, building tunnels and expanding broadband

Successive presidents tried for so many years to pass infrastructure legislation that it became a running joke in Washington. Maybe that’s one reason polls show that voters don’t know that Biden finally broke that logjam, and did it with support from lawmakers of both political parties. It was the kind of historic investment — following years of deferred needs — that previous presidents had tried and failed to achieve.

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Biden empowers federal agencies to monitor AI

Artificial intelligence has gone mainstream. As U.S. tech companies have raced to release shockingly powerful large language models, public reaction ran the gamut from rapture to horror. Policymakers from Washington to Beijing realized quickly that generative AI — and successive AI breakthroughs — would crown new market leaders, hand more decisions to machines, put cyberattacks on steroids and fundamentally alter people’s trust in what they see, read or hear. Biden has taken a keen interest in understanding the inner workings of large language models and how the U.S. could turn AI into a lasting economic advantage.

biden accomplishments labor unions

Union-busting gets riskier

Federal labor law has been essentially frozen since the Taft-Hartley Act passed over President Harry Truman’s veto in 1947, leaving Republicans and Democrats to engage in decadeslong trench warfare at the National Labor Relations Board to nudge legal precedents and enforcement standards in their preferred direction. The result has been an ever-escalating series of policy shifts when the balance of power in Washington flips from one party to the other that puts the fate of disputes between employers and workers in the balance.

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Making medication more accessible through telemedicine

During the Covid public health emergency, the federal government took several steps to make it easier to access health care via telemedicine. Most of those measures have ended. But one of the regulations that Biden held in place allows many controlled substances like Adderall for ADHD treatment, testosterone for gender-affirming care and buprenorphine to treat opioid use disorder to be prescribed without first having an in-person visit. In-person-visit requirements have traditionally been used to prevent fraud and abuse.

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Countering China with a new alliance between Japan and South Korea

South Korea and Japan have a mutual antipathy that goes back decades, linked to Japan’s brutal colonial rule of Korea from 1910-1945 as well as long-simmering territorial disputes in the East China Sea. That has fueled such acrimony in South Korea that until relatively recently public opinion polls in the country have rated Japanese leaders only slightly more popular than North Korea’s.

Leveraging Public Streets CCTV and AI Technologies to Enhance Public Safety and Reduce Law Enforcement Costs | Crime in America

Tech firms face new international restrictions on data and privacy

The rapid growth of e-commerce in recent decades has been accompanied by an increase in digital trade barriers. Those include requirements for companies to store their data in the country where it is collected or to hand over their source code to a joint venture partner in order to do business in a particular market. Until now, the United States has been a leading voice on the international stage pushing back against such provisions, which it argued not only hurt big tech companies but small and medium-size companies that increasingly rely on the internet to do business.

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Biden moves to bring microchip production home

The Covid pandemic sharpened bipartisan fears in Washington about U.S. reliance on microchips produced overseas — primarily in China or Taiwan. As factories shut down in Asia and supply chains snarled, U.S. automakers and other manufacturers were unable to get the chips they needed, idling their plants and spiking prices for cars and other goods. That led the Biden administration and lawmakers from both parties to consider policies to bring production of the most advanced microchips back to the U.S.

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A new agency to investigate cyberattacks

Organizations that fall victim to hacks often keep tight-lipped about what happened due to fear of legal liability or brand damage. But cybersecurity experts have long warned that the country will never break free from an endless cycle of computer breaches unless companies and government agencies become more transparent about how they got infiltrated. The danger was underscored in 2020 when a sophisticated Russian hack breached nine federal agencies.

biden's infrastructure accomplishments

Transformative Investment: Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Overhauls Roads and Bridges

Explore the transformative impact of President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law—the largest investment in roads and bridges since Eisenhower’s interstate highway system. With $40 billion dedicated to bridges, over 4,600 projects initiated, and 69,000 miles of roads under repair, discover how this historic legislation prioritizes road safety, awards $800 million for city projects, and aims to reconnect communities through a $185 million initiative. Dive into a new era of infrastructure revitalization and its far-reaching implications for America’s future.

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