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biden’s accomplishments

biden's infrastructure accomplishments

Infrastructure Law Transforms American Airports with $25 Billion Investment | #BidenDidThat

Explore the transformative impact of Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s investment into America’s airports, including groundbreaking funding for major terminals. Discover how the Biden-Harris Administration is reshaping America’s air travel landscape, with the Airport Terminal Program and 70 projects in construction. From safety enhancements to economic growth, witness the comprehensive efforts underway to modernize and revitalize airport infrastructure nationwide.

Dark Brandon

Countering China with a new alliance between Japan and South Korea

South Korea and Japan have a mutual antipathy that goes back decades, linked to Japan’s brutal colonial rule of Korea from 1910-1945 as well as long-simmering territorial disputes in the East China Sea. That has fueled such acrimony in South Korea that until relatively recently public opinion polls in the country have rated Japanese leaders only slightly more popular than North Korea’s.

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Biden empowers federal agencies to monitor AI

Artificial intelligence has gone mainstream. As U.S. tech companies have raced to release shockingly powerful large language models, public reaction ran the gamut from rapture to horror. Policymakers from Washington to Beijing realized quickly that generative AI — and successive AI breakthroughs — would crown new market leaders, hand more decisions to machines, put cyberattacks on steroids and fundamentally alter people’s trust in what they see, read or hear. Biden has taken a keen interest in understanding the inner workings of large language models and how the U.S. could turn AI into a lasting economic advantage.

biden accomplishments labor unions

Union-busting gets riskier

Federal labor law has been essentially frozen since the Taft-Hartley Act passed over President Harry Truman’s veto in 1947, leaving Republicans and Democrats to engage in decadeslong trench warfare at the National Labor Relations Board to nudge legal precedents and enforcement standards in their preferred direction. The result has been an ever-escalating series of policy shifts when the balance of power in Washington flips from one party to the other that puts the fate of disputes between employers and workers in the balance.

biden's job creation accomplishments

Paving the Way: Future Jobs Arising from Biden’s Legislative Achievements

Explore the promising job landscape shaped by President Biden’s legislative triumphs. From clean energy and infrastructure to healthcare and technology, discover the diverse opportunities emerging in a transformed and sustainable economy. The future job market reflects a commitment to progress and innovation.

biden's infrastructure accomplishments

Bridging the Digital Divide: Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Historic Push for Universal High-Speed Internet Access

Explore the transformative impact of Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), a landmark investment for universal high-speed internet access in the U.S. Learn about the Affordable Connectivity Program‘s success with 17.9 million households enrolled, FCC grants for outreach, and substantial infrastructure deployment initiatives. Dive into the administration’s commitment to equity through the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program, bridging the digital divide and shaping a connected, inclusive future for all Americans.