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How I Built Mike's Hot Honey Into A $40 Million-A-Year Business

Make It: How I Built Mike’s Hot Honey Into A $40 Million-A-Year Business

After years of creating and perfecting his hot honey recipe at home, Mike Kurtz brought in a bottle to show his boss, Paulie Gee, while serving as his pizza apprentice. Paulie loved it, and the unique topping quickly became a hit. From there, demand grew and what had started as a hobby for Mike, suddenly picked up steam and is now a full-blown company bringing in $40 million a year.

Universal Basic Income A Solution for Economic Stability and Equality in America

50 Reasons Why America Should Have a Universal Basic Income

Explore 50 compelling reasons why implementing a Universal Basic Income can bring economic stability, reduce inequality, and create a more inclusive society in America. Learn how UBI can reshape the future of welfare and empower individuals to pursue their dreams.

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