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Unraveling Misinformation About Bipartisan Immigration Bill

Even before a bipartisan group of senators unveiled the text of a foreign aid and immigration overhaul bill on Feb. 4, it faced significant opposition from former President Donald Trump and other Republican leaders. We’ll explain what was in the legislation and the facts on two popular talking points.

kamala harris Jeffrey epstein photo

Fake News Alert: Posts Use Transposed Mugshot of Epstein to Target Kamala Harris

A federal judge has ordered the release of documents that will identify scores of accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s associates. The order has led many social media users to share a digitally manipulated image that purports to show Vice President Kamala Harris posing with Epstein. The original photo showed Harris with her husband, Douglas Emhoff.

Biden administration opened the gates to allow illegal immigration

Biden administration opened the gates to allow illegal immigration? Republican posts misrepresent use of floodgates at Southern Border

To avoid damage from heavy rains, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have opened floodgates along Arizona’s border fencing during monsoon season since 2009. But social media users, including Sen. Ted Cruz, shared posts with the misleading claim that the Biden administration opened the gates “by design” to allow illegal immigration.

COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy Is Safe, Has Multiple Benefits

Daily Fact-Check: COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy Is Safe, Has Multiple Benefits

Being vaccinated against COVID-19 helps protect pregnant people from severe COVID-19. When given during pregnancy, the vaccines can also reduce the risk of hospitalization from COVID-19 early in a baby’s life. A new study adds to the evidence that vaccination during pregnancy is safe for babies, contrary to social media and online claims.

COVID-19 Vaccines Alter DNA Cause Cancer

Daily Fact-Check: Have COVID-19 Vaccines Been Shown to Alter DNA, Cause Cancer?

Small amounts of DNA from the manufacturing process may remain in the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Purification and quality control steps ensure any leftover DNA is present within regulatory limits. There isn’t reason to think that this residual DNA would alter a person’s DNA or cause cancer, contrary to claims made online.

proof that Joe Biden benefited from his family’s influence peddling scheme

Daily Fact-Check: Did a subpoena of bank records prove that Joe Biden benefited from his family’s influence peddling scheme? Nope.

A subpoena of bank records of Biden family members has turned up a $200,000 payment in 2018 from James Biden to his brother Joe Biden, and Rep. James Comer is citing it as proof “that Joe Biden benefited from his family’s influence peddling scheme.” But bank records are consistent with White House claims that the payment was simply repayment of a loan.

daily fact-check

Unveiling the Truth: Your Daily Guide to Fact-Checking Current Events

Stay Informed and Accurate with Daily Fact-Checking Articles 📰🔍 | Get the truth behind the headlines. Explore our daily fact-checking articles to separate fact from fiction in the world of current events. Stay well-informed and make informed decisions. #FactChecking #CurrentEvents #NewsAccuracy

cnn reporters caught faking an attack in Israel-hamas war

Daily Fact-Check: Did CNN Reporters Get Caught Faking An Attack in Israel-Hamas War?

A CNN report on Oct. 9 showed a news crew in Israel taking shelter in a roadside ditch during a rocket attack. But social media posts used fabricated audio of the news coverage to falsely claim the reporters were “faking an attack.” The audio was altered by a conservative commentary organization that acknowledgedthe voice over isn’t real.”

COVID-19 Vaccines Have Not Been Shown to Cause ‘Turbo Cancer’

Daily Fact-Check: COVID-19 Vaccines Have Not Been Shown to Cause ‘Turbo Cancer’

People with cancer are particularly vulnerable to severe disease and death from COVID-19. Vaccines provide needed protection. It has not been shown that COVID-19 vaccines cause or accelerate cancer. Nor does a recent paper about a mouse that died of lymphoma “prove” that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine induced “turbo cancer,” contrary to social media claims.

covid-19 Spike Protein Detoxification Regimen

Daily Fact-Check: Posts Push Unproven ‘Spike Protein Detoxification’ Regimen

Serious side effects after COVID-19 vaccination are rare, and there isn’t evidence people need to undergo a “spike protein detoxification” regimen after getting vaccinated, contrary to claims made online. Nor has such a regimen been shown to help people recover from long COVID, or long-term health problems after having COVID-19.

civil business fraud case against trump is a hoax

Daily Fact-Check: Civil Business Trump Fraud Case Not a Hoax

Former President Donald Trump cited an article in the New York Law Journal as evidence that a civil business fraud case against him is a “hoax.” The author of the article argued that dissolution of Trump’s LLCs is not a remedy included in the law, but he also wrote that “the judge was 100% right in holding that the Trump actions were fraudulent” and that Trump ought to face penalties.

Daily Fact-Checks US Elections

Fact-Check: Number of Counties Won in Presidential Election Doesn’t Determine Outcome

Democrats tend to win in densely populated counties, while Republicans win more sparse, rural counties. In 2020, the counties won by President Joe Biden had 67 million more residents than counties won by former President Donald Trump. Yet a social media post falsely asserts that because Biden won with fewer counties than Trump, “something isn’t adding up.”