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Clear Ice Cubes In a Small Freezer - Is it possible?

Clear Ice Cubes In a Small Freezer – Is it possible?

I’ve been asked a lot about how I make my Clear Ice – it not only looks good, but melts slower than regular ice in the cocktails. Although having a big freezer with lots of space to make big ice blocks is great, today I’ll show you how you can make Clear Ice cubes at home by turning any plastic container into your own, homemade cooler – this way you can make great Clear Ice even if you have limited freezer space! I’ll also be showing you how you can carve the ice into any shape you want, using regular tools you might even have at home, so you are getting two Clear Ice hacks in one video. With that said, pull up a chair, and get your arts & crafts skills ready for today’s episode of Cocktail Time. Cheers!

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