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COVID-19 Vaccines Alter DNA Cause Cancer

Daily Fact-Check: Have COVID-19 Vaccines Been Shown to Alter DNA, Cause Cancer?

Small amounts of DNA from the manufacturing process may remain in the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Purification and quality control steps ensure any leftover DNA is present within regulatory limits. There isn’t reason to think that this residual DNA would alter a person’s DNA or cause cancer, contrary to claims made online.

COVID-19 Infections Can Affect the Viability of a Fetus

COVID-19 Infections Can Affect the Viability of a Fetus

In the realm of political paradoxes, few dilemmas seem as confounding as the position held by some MAGA-affiliated anti-abortion Republicans. Their staunch advocacy for protecting the fetus clashes with their resistance to one critical tool that could safeguard both unborn lives and public health: vaccines. It’s a conundrum that raises eyebrows, highlighting the irony of fighting for the sanctity of life while inadvertently putting it at risk. Let’s delve into this perplexing intersection and ponder the implications of such conflicting stances.