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Jim Cramer reacts to Apple car rumors: ‘The upside could be enormous’

“An electric vehicle merely gives you one more reason to own Apple, not trade it,” the “Mad Money” host said. “Hopefully, everyone will forget this story tomorrow and the stock will sell off, giving you another chance to buy into weakness.”

On Monday, Reuters published an article reporting that the iPhone manufacturer could build a car, potentially with its own battery technology, by 2024. Investors responded the day after trading the stock up almost 3% to a $131.88 close, giving it a more than $2.25 trillion market cap, the largest valuation on the market.

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Jim Cramer’s lightning round: MasTec’s a winner

Wells Fargo: “I believe in [CEO] Charlie Scharf … Let’s hope they’re allowed to do their buyback.”

MasTec: “Mastec’s a winner. I like infrastructure plays, and that’s certainly one of them. We’ve got a lot of infrastructure problems.”

Caterpillar: “There’s very few industrials, so this one can go to $200. Management’s been buying back stock. … I actually like Deere more than Caterpillar.”

Velodyne Lidar: “Unfortunately, there’s so many in that same space. I like that one.”

Tupperware Brands: “I have decided that this thing is just too hard to own. If I had bought it at the lower level, I would be thinking” to sell.

Freeport-McMoran: “I would hold on to that, even though it’s already doubled.”

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Cramer’s lightning round: DocuSign is ‘revolutionizing’ the way we buy

Kratos Defense: “… it’s at $25 and I’m sticking with it.” Mckesson: “I think that that stock’s time has come.” Spirit Airlines: “My favorite is Southwest, LUV, and then United for when we start going overseas.” Kimball: “I don’t want to be in that group. Frankly, I don’t mind At Home.” Cisco Systems: “… I’m fine with it.” SiteOne Landscape Supply: “I like Tractor Supply, SiteOne Landscape Supply’s fine with me too, … Lowe’s and Home Depot are really inexpensive, ….” DocuSign: “… I love it.” CVS Health: “… go buy it.”

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Cramer’s lightning round: Centene is a long-term hold

Turtle Beach: “They actually did have earnings. It was kind of shocking. I can’t dislike it as much as I did. Let me delve into the earnings … we’re going to do some more work on it.”

DexCom: Medtronic has “made everybody a little more careful, and that’s the way I think you have to approach these stocks.

CBAK Energy Technology: “This stock has had a monster move. … [it’s] run up so much I just can’t recommend them here.”

Centene: “You just have to hold on for long term, because [CEO] Michael Neidorff’s doing a very good job.”

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Cramer’s lightning round: ‘This is not the time to own the cloud stocks’

CarGurus: “I’m going to put you in Lithia, LAD, because I think those fellas are real honest, and they’re out there in Oregon doing a great job.”

AMC: “I’m not recommending any entertainment plays right now because it’s just too tricky an industry.”

Workday: “Too soon. … This is not the time to own the cloud stocks. We want them to come in. We want all shorts to pressure. We want people to think it’s all over, and then we will strike — but not yet.”

Yeti: “We have loved Yeti since $18, but it is up another 14 points today. We need Yeti to cool off. It is a great stock and a great company … Can we please wait for a 10% decline?”

Vista Outdoor: “They are a very inexpensive company that I suggest that you buy as soon as the market opens tomorrow.”

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Cramer’s lightning round: I like Plug Power

3D Systems: ”I think you can own that, but it ain’t going to make more than a dollar or two, so you be the judge.”

Cracker Barrel: “I’m not that interested in it.”

Zebra Technologies: “This Zebra, which is now one of those companies that people are selling in order to buy new IPOs, is a great company and I think as it comes down you can accumulate it, but at the same time since you got a $50 [cost] basis you should take some of your money out and just let the house money run.”

Plug Power: “I like Plug. … I would not have liked it if it weren’t for the acquisitions. They made it exciting for me.”

Nokia: “We’re not buyers in Nokia because they have a product that’s expensive and not as good as some others.”

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