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jimmy kimmel monologue

jimmy kimmel monologue Fight Almost Breaks Out in the Senate

Kimmel: Fight Almost Breaks Out in the Senate, a MAGA White House Doozy & Mike Penceโ€™s New Book

Next week is set to be the busiest Thanksgiving travel week ever, Republicans are literally fighting each other, former MMA fighter Markwayne Millin got into it with the President of the Teamsters union and Bernie Sanders had to step in the middle of it, 63% of Gen-Z-ers say they have a best friend at work, former VP Mike Pence has a new book, we are getting more information about what another MAGA White House might look like, there are new details about Melania Trumpโ€™s life in the White House, Chuck E Cheese is getting rid of the creepy animal robots that come to life and play music, and we play a round of a new game called Gimme Five!

jimmy kimmel monologue | MAGA's Scariest Creatures Rally for Trump & Drag Queen Trixie Mattel Reads Ted Cruzโ€™s Book to Kids

Kimmel: MAGA’s Scariest Creatures Rally for Trump & Drag Queen Trixie Mattel Reads Ted Cruzโ€™s Book to Kids

The SAG-AFTRA strike has come to an end after 118 days, โ€œThe Golden Bachelorโ€ had their Women Tell All special and there were some serious gas issues, Republican Presidential candidates took the stage for a debate in Miami and Vivek Ramaswamy took aim at Nikki Haley and her daughter, Ron DeSantis is trying his hardest to come off as somewhat human, Trump held his own event about 30 minutes down the road and all the scariest creatures from Trumpland were on the bill, he shared and deleted shirtless photos of the judge presiding over his fraud trial in New York, and we help Ted Cruz sell some books with an assist from Trixie Mattel of โ€œRuPaulโ€™s Drag Race.โ€