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late night comedy

Trump Won’t Deny Becoming a Dictator, Mike Lindell’s MyChristmas Spectacular & Bye Kevin McCarthy

Trump Won’t Deny Becoming a Dictator, Mike Lindell’s My Christmas Spectacular & Bye Kevin McCarthy

Jimmy remembers the incredible Norman Lear who passed away at 101 years old, Taylor Swift was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, tonight marked the fourth Republican primary debate, Trump had his own event on Fox News where he managed to swing and miss at the softest of balls, people need to stop asking Joe Biden if he is still planning to run for President, bitter former Speaker Kevin McCarthy says he will resign from Congress at the end of the month, Trump’s buddy Kim Jong Un has a problem on his hands, we have a suggestion for parents looking for new ways to place their Elf on the Shelf, and MyPillow Mike Lindell has a new Christmas special!

jimmy kimmel Eddie murphy

Eddie Murphy on Iconic Celebrity Filled Photo, $100,000 Bet with Richard Pryor & New Christmas Movie

Eddie talks about his love of reality shows, realizing his age while filming Beverly Hills Cop 4, an amazing photograph he took with a bunch of legendary stars in 1990 at a tribute to Sammy Davis Jr., meeting Frank Sinatra, having dinner with Lola Falana, the rumor that Stevie Wonder isn’t actually blind, his new movie Candy Cane Lane, his favorite holiday movies, the gifts he gets from his kids, his $100,000 bet with Richard Pryor, and daring Dick Cavett to do crazy things in the 80s.

jimmy kimmel monologue

Kimmel: Republicans Debate in Miami, Ivanka Testifies in Daddy Donald’s Fraud Case & Rough Election for GOP

The CMA Awards were on ABC tonight hosted by Peyton Manning & Luke Bryan, the Republican debate took place in Miami and Donald was absent once again, Ivanka took the stand in the $250 million fraud case against her father, it was not a very good election night for the MAGA-verse, voters in Ohio overwhelmingly passed a measure to protect a woman’s right to choose, we discovered that Mike Lindell makes unusual sounds when he’s making a point, the mayor in Saskatchewan Canada has an interesting name, a pre-owned vehicle in New Jersey had an unfortunate encounter with the local wildlife, and country star Jelly Roll has a great new holiday gift idea for you!

snl Weekend Update ft. Sarah Sherman

SNL: Weekend Update ft. Sarah Sherman

Weekend Update hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che cover the week’s biggest news before speaking with Colin’s agent J.J. Gordon (Sarah Sherman).

Maher: Biden's Finest Hour

Maher: Biden’s Finest Hour

Bill reacts to the top stories of the week, including President Biden‘s visit to Israel and the Republicans‘ inability to govern.

jimmy kimmel live trump's attorney amnesia

Kimmel: Pence’s Very Sad Photo, Trump’s Attorney Amnesia & Rashad Jennings’ Wheel of Fortune Redemption

Three of the five members of our band the Cletones are out sick tonight, Taylor Swift was at the Chiefs game and fans are going wild, there are now eight candidates for the Speaker of the House and there is no indication that they will elect one soon, Donald Trump is talking about incredibly dumb stuff while a terrible war is going on, former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell pled guilty on six charges and he is shockingly starting to distance himself, former VP Mike Pence is having a tough run and is now part of what might be the saddest photo ever taken, and former running back Rashad Jennings is here to explain the most embarrassing performance in “Wheel of Fortune” history.

bill maher Israel's 9:11

Maher: Israel’s 9/11

James Kirchick and Matt Duss join Bill Maher to discuss the Israel-Hamas war and its reverberations in American media and academia.