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Public Health

benefits of universal basic healthcare

The Economic Impact of Universal Basic Healthcare: A Cost-Saving Revolution

Explore the potential economic impact of Universal Basic Healthcare in the United States. Despite logistical challenges, recent studies project annual savings of $500 billion, challenging the notion that UBH is a financial burden. Discover how administrative efficiency, preventive care, and negotiating power could revolutionize the nation’s healthcare system, leading to a healthier population and substantial cost savings for American taxpayers.

COVID-19 Infections Can Affect the Viability of a Fetus

COVID-19 Infections Can Affect the Viability of a Fetus

In the realm of political paradoxes, few dilemmas seem as confounding as the position held by some MAGA-affiliated anti-abortion Republicans. Their staunch advocacy for protecting the fetus clashes with their resistance to one critical tool that could safeguard both unborn lives and public health: vaccines. It’s a conundrum that raises eyebrows, highlighting the irony of fighting for the sanctity of life while inadvertently putting it at risk. Let’s delve into this perplexing intersection and ponder the implications of such conflicting stances.