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benefits of UBI Environmental Responsibility

How Universal Basic Income (UBI) Empowers Environmental Sustainability

Explore how Universal Basic Income (UBI) can empower individuals to prioritize environmentally friendly choices, fostering sustainability through financial security, innovation, conscious consumption, education, and lifestyle changes. Discover the transformative potential of UBI in shaping a greener future for our planet.

Big Oil's Unchecked Power in Gas Prices

The Gas Price Game: Big Oil’s Unchecked Power

Explore the hidden power of Big Oil companies in controlling gas prices, affecting consumers’ wallets and the environment. Discover the intricate gas price game and the need for policies to check their influence.

4-Day Workweeks in America: 50 Reasons for Change

50 Reasons Why America Should Have 4-Day Workweeks

Discover 50 compelling reasons why America should consider adopting 4-day workweeks. Explore the benefits, from improved work-life balance and productivity to reduced stress and a positive impact on the environment.

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