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Trump on Trial

Christie: Trump will be a convicted felon when he accepts the GOP nomination

Christie: Trump will be a convicted felon when he accepts the GOP nomination

CNN’s Anderson Cooper sits down with former presidential candidate Chris Christie to discuss the federal appeals court ruling that Donald Trump is not immune from prosecution for alleged crimes he committed during his presidency, flatly rejecting Trump’s arguments that he shouldn’t have to go on trial on federal election subversion charges.

Judge schools Trump lawyer on ‘Evidence 101’

Lawrence: Judge schools Trump lawyer on ‘Evidence 101’

Lawrence O’Donnell analyzes the latest developments from day three of E. Jean Carroll’s civil defamation suit against Donald Trump, including Trump attorney Alina Habba’s efforts to maintain her frontrunner status as Most Incompetent Trump Lawyer to Appear in Court So Far.

jimmy kimmel live trump's attorney amnesia

Kimmel: Pence’s Very Sad Photo, Trump’s Attorney Amnesia & Rashad Jennings’ Wheel of Fortune Redemption

Three of the five members of our band the Cletones are out sick tonight, Taylor Swift was at the Chiefs game and fans are going wild, there are now eight candidates for the Speaker of the House and there is no indication that they will elect one soon, Donald Trump is talking about incredibly dumb stuff while a terrible war is going on, former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell pled guilty on six charges and he is shockingly starting to distance himself, former VP Mike Pence is having a tough run and is now part of what might be the saddest photo ever taken, and former running back Rashad Jennings is here to explain the most embarrassing performance in “Wheel of Fortune” history.

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