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War News

U.S. State Department spokesperson on crisis at Gaza hospitals

CBS News: U.S. State Department spokesperson on crisis at Gaza hospitals

The World Health Organization says Gaza’s largest hospital, the Al Shifa hospital, has been without water for days and is not able to function as a hospital anymore. Gaza’s Hamas-run Ministry of Health said Monday other hospitals also were out of service. Israel says Hamas complexes lie under the Al Shifa hospital compound, which the group denies. Vedant Patel, the principal deputy spokesperson for the State Department, joined CBS News to discuss the situation in Gaza.

Israeli military: Less than 48 hours until troops enter Gaza City

CBS News: Less than 48 hours until Israeli troops enter Gaza City

The Israel Defense Forces said over the weekend that it had surrounded Gaza City, the decimated metropolis from which Hamas has ruled the strip for almost 20 years, and there were reports that troops could enter the city — under which Hamas has constructed an elaborate tunnel network — within 48 hours. CBS News’ Debora Patta in Jerusalem and Doug Williams in Tel Aviv have more on the situation in Gaza.

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