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This for me is greatest hack for your Old Fashioned and for Christmas. With a simple formula, you’ll be able to transform ANY Old Fashioned cocktail into a decandent creamy Milk Punch and a Silky smooth Christmas Clarified Milk punch. All recipes, formula and explanations are below. Cheers!

When the Weather gets cold... Drink more Cocktails

When the Weather gets cold… Drink more Cocktails

This is really a part 2 of the Fall cocktails video we made. I got so excited for the colder weather we’re having I doubled down on recipes to help ya’ll ring it in. Again I tried to vary the recipes away from the usual whiskey based stuff so prominent this season, but I’m also trying to make sure these guys will be perfect while you’re sitting around tolerating your relatives over the holiday season. Anyway, hope you guys make some of the recipes and enjoy them! Happy Holiday and be safe out there!

How to Make Butterbeer: A Delicious Harry Potter-Inspired Drink

How to Make Butterbeer: A Delicious Harry Potter-Inspired Drink

Butterbeer is not a traditional Christmas drink, but it’s great to know how to make this delicious Harry Potter-inspired drink. It really hits the spot on a cold winter day! Despite it being popularized by J.K. Rowling, making it a magic beverage loved by witches and wizards of Hogwarts (and Muggles everywhere), the original “Buttered Beere” recipe dates back to at least the 16th century. So today in today’s edition of Old vs New, I’ll make it the way it was made more than 400 years ago – with a good quality British Ale as the base – followed by an elevated modern version with IPA and Spiced Butter Syrup, topped with Butterscotch Foam. If you are into rich and decadent drinks, get out your Advanced Potion-Making textbook and enjoy today’s episode. Cheers!

Single Serve Eggnog | The Educated Barfly

Single Serve Eggnog

We’re very excited to bring to you Leandro’s famous egg nog recipe. This one off recipe was developed at Cole’s French Dip when Leandro wanted to find a way to continue the tradition of his egg nog without making the barbacks have to batch a 20 person punch bowl before each shift. But, this egg nog was so popular that customers would ask for it through March.

Boozy Hot Chocolates - Make It Your Own Way!

Boozy Hot Chocolates – Make It Your Own Way!

Boozy Hot Chocolate is just what you need to become the star of this upcoming festive season! If you have never made your own Hot Chocolate from scratch, you don’t know what you are missing, and today we’ll be making 3 versions so that you are covered whether your friends or family like funky, smoky or herbal flavors. I’ll start by making a delicious Hot Chocolate with Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum and Tonka Bean whipped cream, followed by a spicy & smokey Hot Chocolate using Vida Mezcal and ending with a Fernet Branca Menta Hot Chocolate that will provide those peppermint and chocolate notes that you’ll love! So get cozy, pull up a chair and get ready for today’s episode of Cocktail Time. Cheers!

The Best Mac and Cheese You'll Ever Eat

The Best Mac and Cheese You’ll Ever Eat

This mac and cheese recipe is absolutely delicious and will quickly become one of your favorite dishes. Whether you’re a casual dine-in at home chef or a 5 star chef, this recipe is sure to please. So don’t wait any longer, put this recipe into action and enjoy the best mac and cheese you’ll ever have!

Apple Brown Betty

Apple Brown Betty

It’s Apple Brown Betty! This classic American dessert combines fruit, bread crumbs and topped with ice cream. This delicious delight will dominate the dessert table at your holiday gathering. Baked on the Yoder Smokers Wood-Fired Oven.

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