2024 Election: Unveiling the Most Important Issues to America’s Voters

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what is universal basic income?

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The most important issues to American voters heading into the 2024 election.

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Top 20 Issues to U.S. Voters for the 2024 Election

As the United States grapples with a myriad of challenges, the priorities and concerns of American voters play a crucial role in shaping the national agenda. From economic stability to social justice, voters are deeply invested in a range of issues that impact their daily lives and the future of the nation. Here, we explore the top 20 issues that consistently resonate with the American electorate.

1. Climate Change and Environmental Policy

The growing awareness of climate change has propelled environmental concerns to the forefront of political discussions. Voters are increasingly looking for comprehensive policies to address environmental challenges and promote sustainable practices.

2. COVID-19 Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped priorities, emphasizing the importance of public health, healthcare infrastructure, and crisis management. Voters are keenly interested in how leaders respond to and manage the ongoing challenges posed by the pandemic.

3. Criminal Justice Reform

Issues related to criminal justice, including police reform, incarceration policies, and efforts to address systemic inequalities, have gained prominence. Calls for reform aim to create a fair and equitable justice system.

crime in america
Addressing Crime in America: A Comprehensive Approach

Explore the multifaceted issue of crime in America and discover proactive solutions to address its root causes. This article delves into the top 10 contributors, proposing strategic measures such as universal basic income, increased mental health services, and the integration of advanced technologies to foster safer streets for all.

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4. Economic Issues

The state of the economy, including job creation, wages, and taxation, remains a perennial concern for voters. Economic policies impact the financial well-being of individuals and families across the nation.

sexy girl | Carlos Augusto | https://unsplash.com/@carlosaugustorj
A sweeping crackdown on “junk fees” and overdraft charges

Biden touted his campaign to eliminate so-called junk fees — the hidden charges that often come as a surprise to the consumer, taking aim at the fees levied by airlines, cable companies, concert ticket-sellers and hotels, among other businesses. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2022 launched an initiative to expand the crackdown to target financial fees, training its scrutiny in particular on credit card late charges and the insufficient-fund fees that banks impose.

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5. Education

The quality of education, access to affordable schooling, and concerns about student loan debt resonate with voters. Education policies are central to shaping the future workforce and fostering social mobility.

College | Student Debt | Brooke Cagle
A penalty for college programs that trap students in debt

For decades, the federal government has gone back and forth on the best way to solve the problem of workers who struggle to earn a living after graduating from the country’s for-profit colleges or career training programs. The Obama administration first laid out specific metrics requiring schools who want access to a lucrative stream of government funds to prove that its graduates are prepared for “gainful employment” and don’t end up with lots of student debt relative to their income. But Obama’s team never fully implemented its rules after lengthy legal fights. The Trump administration eventually scrapped the effort. Then Biden won office, and revived Obama’s plan — with a twist.

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Education | Voters Issues | @garinchadwick
Trump’s Hollow Claim about ‘Inner Cities

President Donald Trump claimed that his administration is “spending a lot of money on the inner cities.” But there has been little change in spending so far, and his first budget proposes to cut or eliminate funding for some programs that benefit cities.

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6. Gun Control

Debates over gun rights, regulations, and efforts to curb gun violence continue to be significant. Voters are interested in how political leaders address these complex issues while respecting individual rights.

Unfounded Claims About Colorado Gunman

A social media post is spreading baseless claims that the shooter accused of killing 10 people in Boulder, Colorado, came to the U.S. “Illegally from [M]exico and purchased the firearm from a guy that sells stolen guns.” Law enforcement officials say the suspect came to the U.S. from Syria as a child, and the gun used was legally purchased.

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benefits of universal basic healthcare | picsea
Gun violence prevention and gun safety get a boost

After the 2022 massacre of 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, the Biden administration called for stricter gun legislation. Uvalde spurred the first significant gun safety law in 30 years, which Biden signed in June of 2022, and the president took further action on his own.

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8. Immigration

Immigration policies, border security, and the treatment of undocumented immigrants are subjects that evoke diverse opinions among voters. The nation’s approach to immigration remains a crucial aspect of political discourse.

How multiple administrations failed to stop fentanyl's rise
Ad Misleads on Percentage Increase in Fentanyl Seizures Under Biden

The overall increase in fentanyl seized at the southwest border under President Joe Biden is nowhere near as high as a Republican ad misleadingly claims. U.S. border officials seized 13,021 pounds of the drug in Biden’s first full 15 months in office, which is 70% more than the 7,677 pounds seized in Donald Trump’s last full 15 months as president.

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7. Healthcare

Access to affordable and quality healthcare, along with discussions about the healthcare system’s overall effectiveness, is a key consideration for voters. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified focus on public health infrastructure.

california abortion laws up to birth
Understanding Late-Term Abortions: A Complex Medical Decision

Explore the complexities of late-term abortions, delving into the medical scenarios where these decisions become necessary. This article sheds light on the sensitive considerations surrounding severe fetal abnormalities and maternal health risks, emphasizing the importance of compassionate communication, support, and informed decision-making in navigating these challenging situations.

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benefits of universal basic healthcare
The Economic Impact of Universal Basic Healthcare: A Cost-Saving Revolution

Explore the potential economic impact of Universal Basic Healthcare in the United States. Despite logistical challenges, recent studies project annual savings of $500 billion, challenging the notion that UBH is a financial burden. Discover how administrative efficiency, preventive care, and negotiating power could revolutionize the nation’s healthcare system, leading to a healthier population and substantial cost savings for American taxpayers.

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9. Income Inequality

Concerns about the growing gap between the wealthy and the rest of society highlight broader issues of economic inequality. Voters seek policies that address disparities and promote economic opportunities for all.

sexy girl | Alex Azabache | https://unsplash.com/@alexazabache
Giving smaller food producers a boost

Soaring food prices and supply chain crunches for meat and other staples during the Covid-19 pandemic drew attention to the highly consolidated agriculture sector, in which key sectors like meatpacking are dominated by a handful of “Big Ag” behemoths. Biden entered office promising to crack down on food monopolies and support small and midsize U.S. farmers, whose numbers have cratered in recent decades.

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Dark Brandon
Expanded overtime guarantees for millions

President Barack Obama late in his second term oversaw a regulation that called for workers making up to $47,476 to be automatically entitled to time-and-a-half overtime pay. The move infuriated businesses and Republicans, who sought to block the rule in both Congress and the courts. Donald Trump’s election and a Texas judge’s ruling in 2016 led the Labor Department to revisit the matter and set a significantly lower threshold of $35,568.

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10. Infrastructure

Investments in infrastructure, including transportation, utilities, and technology, are essential for economic development and quality of life. Voters look to leaders to address aging infrastructure and promote modernization.

Dark Brandon
Biden moves to bring microchip production home

The Covid pandemic sharpened bipartisan fears in Washington about U.S. reliance on microchips produced overseas — primarily in China or Taiwan. As factories shut down in Asia and supply chains snarled, U.S. automakers and other manufacturers were unable to get the chips they needed, idling their plants and spiking prices for cars and other goods. That led the Biden administration and lawmakers from both parties to consider policies to bring production of the most advanced microchips back to the U.S.

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biden's infrastructure accomplishments
Transformative Investment: Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Overhauls Roads and Bridges

Explore the transformative impact of President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law—the largest investment in roads and bridges since Eisenhower’s interstate highway system. With $40 billion dedicated to bridges, over 4,600 projects initiated, and 69,000 miles of roads under repair, discover how this historic legislation prioritizes road safety, awards $800 million for city projects, and aims to reconnect communities through a $185 million initiative. Dive into a new era of infrastructure revitalization and its far-reaching implications for America’s future.

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11. Jobs and Employment

Job creation, workforce development, and policies that support employment opportunities are integral to voters’ concerns. A robust job market contributes to economic stability and individual prosperity.

trump's accomplishments
The Unfulfilled Promises: Trump’s Pledges to Revive Old Jobs

Explore the unfulfilled promises of Donald Trump as we delve into his commitments to revive old jobs in industries like coal, manufacturing, and steel. Despite bold pledges, the reality reveals a complex interplay of global factors, automation challenges, and economic dynamics that Trump couldn’t understand, leaving many of these promises unrealized.

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Dark Brandon
Expanded overtime guarantees for millions

President Barack Obama late in his second term oversaw a regulation that called for workers making up to $47,476 to be automatically entitled to time-and-a-half overtime pay. The move infuriated businesses and Republicans, who sought to block the rule in both Congress and the courts. Donald Trump’s election and a Texas judge’s ruling in 2016 led the Labor Department to revisit the matter and set a significantly lower threshold of $35,568.

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12. National Security

Issues related to national security, including terrorism and military engagements, remain central to voters’ considerations. A secure nation is seen as a prerequisite for societal well-being.

Dark Brandon
A new agency to investigate cyberattacks

Organizations that fall victim to hacks often keep tight-lipped about what happened due to fear of legal liability or brand damage. But cybersecurity experts have long warned that the country will never break free from an endless cycle of computer breaches unless companies and government agencies become more transparent about how they got infiltrated. The danger was underscored in 2020 when a sophisticated Russian hack breached nine federal agencies.

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Against All Enemies Trailer
If you love America… Share this

Why would US military veterans take up arms against the country they swore an oath to protect? Through gripping personal perspectives from all sides of this ongoing crisis, Against All Enemies goes deep inside the violent extremist movement in America, alongside the Proud Boys, 3 Percenters, and with never-before-seen footage of the Oath Keepers. These groups, organized and led by highly trained military veterans, pose one of the greatest threats to the United States today. While most veterans are successful in their transition to civilian life, an increasingly radicalized element is drawn to the insurrectionist movement. We saw evidence of this during the January 6 Capitol riots, but the danger goes far beyond a single day. The film explores the historical roots of the insurrectionist cause, its conspiracy fueled draw for today’s veterans, and the top-cover coming from powerful politicians and highly decorated former military officers. Against All Enemies is a warning about an existential threat to democracy and a beacon for those hoping to combat it.

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13. Political Corruption and Ethics

Voters express increasing concern about political corruption and ethical standards in government. Calls for transparency and accountability resonate across the political spectrum.

Fact-Checks | Election Disinformation | Voter Fraud | Trump Lost
25 Million Clinton Votes Weren’t Fake

Q: Did NPR report that a study found “over 25 million Hillary Clinton votes were completely fraudulent,” and that she “actually lost the popular vote”?

A: No. That claim was made in a story that conflates a 2012 article about inaccuracies in voter registration rolls with actual fraudulent votes.

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14. Political Polarization and Governance

The widening political divide and the effectiveness of government institutions are pressing concerns for voters. Achieving bipartisan solutions and fostering effective governance are key considerations.

Big Lie bombshell: Man Trump hired to prove election fraud says he debunked it to Trump and Meadows
Video: Man Trump hired to prove election fraud says he debunked it to Trump and Meadows

Donald Trump hired a man to prove his election fraud claims. Now that man says he debunked those election fraud conspiracies to both Donald Trump and Mark Meadows as the Trump campaign conducted its 2020 campaign, after finding no evidence. That man, Ken Block, author of the upcoming book, “Disproven: My Unbiased Search for Voter Fraud for the Trump Campaign, the Data That Shows Why He Lost, and How We Can Improve Our Elections,” joins Joy Reid with his allegations.

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Fact-Checks | Election Disinformation | Voter Fraud | Trump Lost
Myth of Ballot Watermarks Flushed Out Again 

An audit of ballots and a forensic audit of voting equipment earlier this year found no problems in the 2020 elections in Maricopa County, Arizona. But debunked claims about voter fraud revealed by secret “watermarks” are flowing again on social media amid a Republican-led audit. County officials say no watermarks were used on the ballots.

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15. Racial and Social Justice

Promoting equality, addressing systemic racism, and advocating for social justice are pivotal issues in contemporary political discourse. Voters seek leaders who champion inclusivity and fairness.

UBI Dignity and Autonomy
Universal Basic Income (UBI) and Human Dignity: A Path to Independent Basic Needs Fulfillment

Explore the transformative impact of Universal Basic Income (UBI) on human dignity. Discover how UBI, by ensuring every individual’s access to basic needs, fosters autonomy, reduces stigma, and enhances mental well-being, creating a more inclusive and harmonious society. Join the conversation on how UBI can be a catalyst for positive change and a pathway to a dignified and equitable future.

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Preventing discriminatory mortgage lending

In 1977, Congress passed a law to combat a practice known as redlining, where for decades the government had discouraged lenders from extending mortgage loans to borrowers in Black neighborhoods. The law requires banks to lend to creditworthy lower-income people in the same neighborhoods where they have branches that take deposits. But the growth of the internet and mobile banking have made those rules increasingly obsolete. Banks, in effect, had a major presence in many neighborhoods where they had no branches.

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16. Taxation

Tax policies, including rates and structures, impact individuals and businesses. Voters scrutinize tax proposals as they assess their implications for economic growth and income distribution.

paying for universal basic income
Financing Universal Basic Income: A Comprehensive Approach

Explore the financial landscape of Universal Basic Income (UBI) in the U.S. Discover estimated costs, potential savings from universal healthcare, welfare service consolidation, and technological advancements. Delve into the proposal of a Value-Added Tax (VAT) on national GDP for budget balancing. Uncover intangible benefits, including reduced poverty and crime, contributing to an enhanced quality of life. Gain insights into a comprehensive approach to financing UBI and its potential societal impact.

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17. Terrorism

The ongoing threat of terrorism remains a significant concern for voters. National security policies that address terrorism while safeguarding civil liberties are critical considerations.

terrorism national security threat
Guardians of Security: A Unified Front in Preventing Terrorism

Explore the collaborative efforts of key agencies, including the FBI, CIA, NCTC, DHS, FIUs, cybersecurity entities, CBP, and local law enforcement, in an unyielding mission to prevent terrorism. Discover the indispensable roles each plays in creating a unified front against threats, safeguarding nations, and fostering a safer world.

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18. Trade Policies

Global trade agreements and the nation’s stance on international trade impact the economy and job markets. Voters weigh the benefits and drawbacks of various trade policies.

The Best 'Chinese Spicy Fish Soup' Recipes
Forcing Chinese companies to open their books

Since the Enron and WorldCom scandals, the U.S. has allowed companies to publicly list their stocks only if they agree to let federal watchdogs review their auditors’ work. Yet for years, Beijing authorities, citing national security concerns, refused to allow U.S. inspectors to examine the books of China- and Hong Kong-based companies. Biden’s regulators finally forced their hand with the help of Congress and even former President Donald Trump.

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19. Veterans' Issues

The well-being of veterans, including healthcare, employment opportunities, and support services, is a matter of national importance. Voters seek leaders committed to honoring and assisting those who have served.

20. Voting Rights and Electoral Reform

Ensuring fair and accessible elections is fundamental to the democratic process. Voters express interest in policies that protect voting rights and enhance the integrity of the electoral system.

Fact-Checks | Election Disinformation | Voter Fraud | Trump Lost
False Claim About Biden’s Win Probability

Facebook posts have repeated a false claim about a “one in a quadrillion” chance that President-elect Joe Biden received more votes than President Donald Trump in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Experts told us the claim misuses a questionable statistical analysis that made implausible assumptions about the 2020 election.

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The Last Word

In conclusion, the diverse and dynamic landscape of American politics reflects the multifaceted concerns of its voters. The issues outlined above represent a snapshot of the priorities shaping the nation’s agenda, illustrating the complex interplay of economic, social, and political factors. As the country evolves, so too will the issues that capture the attention and influence the decisions of American voters.


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