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fallacies of logic and reasoning

Navigating the Maze: Unraveling the Web of Fallacies in Logic and Reasoning

Explore the intricate landscape of logical fallacies with our comprehensive guide. From Ad Hominem to Fallacy of Equivocation, this article unveils 52 common reasoning pitfalls, shedding light on the subtle nuances that can compromise the clarity and validity of arguments. Arm yourself with the knowledge to navigate discussions, fostering a culture of critical thinking and reasoned discourse.

Appeal to Belief Fallacy

Unraveling the Appeal to Belief Fallacy: Navigating the Perils of Popular Opinion

Dive into the intricacies of the Appeal to Belief fallacy, where the allure of popular opinion can cloud rational judgment. Explore real-world examples and understand the implications of prioritizing consensus over evidence. Uncover the importance of critical thinking in navigating the complexities of belief systems and fostering intellectual integrity.

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buy or rent

Why renting over buying might be the favored choice in today’s real estate landscape

Buying has almost always been favored over renting when it comes to housing. For generations, the prevailing wisdom has been that renting is a waste of money. But what about now, with a tough real estate market characterized by elevated listing prices and interest rates? Geoff Bennett discussed that with David Leonhardt, author of, “Ours Was the Shining Future: The Story of the American Dream.”

healthcare system costs

Doctors unionize as healthcare services are consolidated into corporate systems

As recently as the early 80s, about three of every four doctors in the U.S. worked for themselves, owning small clinics. Today, some 75 percent of physicians are employees of hospital systems or large corporate entities. Some worry the trend is leading to diminished quality of care and is one reason doctors at a large Midwestern health provider decided to unionize. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports.

inclusive economic growth universal basic income

Universal Basic Income: Fostering Inclusive Economic Growth

Explore the transformative potential of Universal Basic Income (UBI) in fostering inclusive economic growth. Discover how UBI addresses poverty, stimulates entrepreneurship, enhances education, and reduces income inequality, laying the groundwork for a more equitable and prosperous society.

income inequality universal basic income

Universal Basic Income: A Panacea for Addressing Income Inequality

Explore the transformative potential of Universal Basic Income (UBI) in tackling income inequality. Learn how UBI’s inclusive approach can level the economic playing field, alleviate poverty, stimulate growth, encourage innovation, and enhance overall social well-being for a more equitable society.

what is universal basic income?

What is Universal Basic Income? A Small Government Solution for Poverty Elimination

Explore the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI), a small government solution designed to eliminate poverty without wealth redistribution. This welfare alternative relies on a VAT on GDP, ensuring a direct link between economic productivity and the cash payments provided to citizens. Discover how UBI fosters individual initiative, rewards entrepreneurship, and simplifies the welfare system, offering a unique approach to address societal problems while minimizing bureaucracy and cronyism capitalism.

Why Oil Giants Shell And BP Are Investing In U.S. Farmland | Business News | The Smoking Chair

Why Oil Giants Shell And BP Are Investing In U.S. Farmland

Through partnerships with solar energy developers, oil giants BP and Shell are investing in an emerging industry called agrivoltaics, which combines solar energy generation with agricultural activities such as sheep grazing, beekeeping and crop production. This multi-use land management strategy could help alleviate the tension between farmers and solar developers, two groups that often find themselves at odds when it comes to matters of land use.

4-day workweeks benefits

Embracing the Future: The Case for 4-Day Workweeks in America

Explore the transformative potential of a 4-day workweek in America, unlocking a spectrum of benefits from enhanced work-life balance to economic growth. Discover the alphabetical array of advantages, from improved creativity to reduced commute stress, and envision a future where the workforce thrives in a sustainable, well-rested, and innovative environment.

sexy girl | dainis graveris

Advancing Health Equity: The Case for Universal Basic Healthcare

Discover the comprehensive case for Universal Basic Healthcare (UBH) in America, exploring 52 reasons alphabetically. From Accessibility for All to Supporting Small Businesses, learn how UBH aims to create an equitable healthcare system, ensuring access, cost-effectiveness, and quality care for all citizens.

sexy girl | Dainis Graveris |

Navigating the Web of Politics: The Importance of Fact-Checks

Explore the intricate web of politics with a focus on fact-checking. Delve into popular topics, including claims by Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Hillary Clinton, as fact-checkers navigate the landscape of information, ensuring transparency and accuracy in the realm of political discourse.

what is universal basic income

Unlocking Economic Potential: The Case for Universal Basic Income in America

Unlock the potential of Universal Basic Income (UBI) with this comprehensive exploration of 52 reasons why America should embrace this transformative economic model. From poverty reduction to environmental responsibility, discover the multifaceted benefits that UBI offers for individuals, communities, and the nation as a whole. Delve into the alphabetically organized list to gain insights into how UBI can address the challenges of the modern economic landscape and foster a more inclusive and resilient future for America.

Why The Pentagon Is Spending Billions To Bring Laser Weapons To The Battlefield

CNBC: Why The Pentagon Is Spending Billions To Bring Laser Weapons To The Battlefield

Direct energy weapons such as lasers and high powered microwaves may soon be used to defend against drones and rockets on the battlefield. These futuristic sounding weapons are part of a new wave of devices produced from billions of dollars in research and development from the Defense Department. But how close is the U.S. military to using these weapons in the field?

How I Transformed Canada Goose Into A Billion-Dollar Brand

Make It: How I Transformed Canada Goose Into A Billion-Dollar Brand

When Dani Reiss took the reins as CEO of Canada Goose at age 27, he was running a company that brought in $2.2 million a year in revenue. Today, the luxury brand is worth $1.1 billion. Canada Goose parkas, with their iconic shoulder patches, cost over $1,000 and the company sells over one million jackets a year.

We Left San Francisco Jobs And Turned An Abandoned Inn Into A Desert Oasis

Make It: We Left San Francisco Jobs And Turned An Abandoned Inn Into A Desert Oasis

Sara Combs, 36, and Rich Combs, 37, quit full-time jobs as web designers to start The Joshua Tree House, a hospitality company, in 2015. Three years later, they purchased an abandoned inn in Tucson, AZ for $615,000. The couple took out a hard money loan and renovated the entire property into a luxurious desert getaway. Today, the six-suite inn is available to rent year-round and offers views of Saguaro National Park. The couple also owns three other commercial properties located in Joshua Tree, CA.