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Golf Tips: Move Your Right Arm Like This For a Perfect Golf Swing

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Content Creator: Danny Maude

Danny Maude's latest golf tip is possibly golf's greatest secret. Coach Maude reveals that if you start with your right arm in the correct position it can really feel like cheating in your golf swing. By getting the right arm in the correct starting position with driver and irons the golf swing just feels easy.
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When you get the right arm in the correct position it helps you get a perfect backswing. In fact once you have locked the right arm in place Danny shows you exactly how to move the right arm perfectly with his signature dumbbell move.

But the golf lesson wouldn’t be complete without knowing how to move it in the downswing. Danny Maude has you covered. There is no room for loads of complicated swing thoughts in the golf swing so you need something super simple and this is where knowing how to move the right arm in your golf swing is super important.

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