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Fox News Shockingly Quiet About Lying to Viewers, DeSantis Tries to Outcrazy Trump & Lindell Digs In

Netflix is finally cracking down on password sharing, Fox News agreed to shell out $787.5 million dollars to settle a defamation lawsuit brough by Dominion Voting Systems, nothing on their website mentioned the story at all, Mike Lindell isn’t backing down like Fox did, the Florida Board of Education voted to extend their “Don’t Say Gay” bill to include high school students as DeSantis tries to prove he’s more ridiculous than Trump, Kim Jong Un announced that North Korea has their first spy satellite ready to launch, the Bidens shared their annual federal tax returns yesterday showing that they made $579,514 dollars, some Republicans are not on the Trump train and Chris Christie is said to be mulling a run for President, and we head out to Hollywood Blvd to see if anyone recognizes Mike Pence.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

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